Strand & Deliver formed as an idea after attending a craft fair in London. We found we were meeting so many people at similar events from all over the UK who generally struggle to find the time to shop for themselves, and for their hobbies - so we thought, why not deliver their hobby directly to them instead?



Strand & Deliver is a monthly subscription costing from just £10, and can be bought either for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member. 

Whether you're a seasoned embroiderer looking for smaller projects to keep those crafting hands busy, or someone brand new to hand embroidery who is looking for a simple and relaxed way to start exploring new stitches every month, these boxes are for you.

We know you're all busy bees, so to make life that bit easier we've ensured that our boxes fit through your letterbox, meaning Strand & Deliver will be there waiting for you at home at the end of a day rather than you having to spend precious free time queuing at the Post Office for a missed parcel.

What is 'Strand & Deliver'?
Who are 'Dizzy & Creative'?

Dizzy & Creative is based in Devon, where they design and produce a stunning range of embroidery kits and projects.  They have expanded their range contemporary projects to include free embroidery, stumpwork, crewel work and mini projects suitable for all ages and sewing abilities.

Though only a small independent company, they pride ourselves on sourcing high quality, British-made materials wherever possible. Currently, their kits use DMC and Appletons threads, and linen provided for crewel work projects is woven in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Dizzy & Creative are passionate about updating skills which are seen as dated and bringing them to a new audience in the form of modern, contemporary design, colour schemes and accessible instructions. 

You can see examples of their embroidery kits on their website -

Strand & Deliver - a product owned by Dizzy & Creative©